Reportage | Il lato ... D di Modulnova | D come design, D come dolce

On Wednesday 30th September 2015 the event "Il lato ... D di Modulnova | D come design, D come dolce" was held at Milan Showroom in Corso Garibaldi 99. Italian Gourmet chose MODULNOVA to organize this special event where the issue was the D of "Dolce" (sweet), the main course of the evening, and the design, the main feature of the Friulian company and its kitchens in the showroom.
The hosts appreciated the Sweet face of the Kitchen through the creations of three Pastry Masters: Luigi Biasetto, Gino Fabbri and Loretta Fanella.
Their Cooking Show captured the attention of the people with high-pastry dishes, but also with their books presented on this evening:

- "Il Metodo Biasetto | filosofia, strategia tattica: dal laboratorio alla ricetta" of Luigi Biasetto
- "A Tutta Frutta | confetture, marmellate, composte e gelatine" of Gino Fabbri
- "Dessert al piatto | Frutta, creme, cioccolato nella pasticceria contemporanea" of Loretta Fanella

The beautiful dishes proposed from the Pastry Masters were combined with excellence wines from Villa Franciacorta, drink partner of the evening.