Graphical 3D Configuration Software for Interior Design

MODULNOVA makes available for official partners and resellers, MediaDesign, the 3D software for kitchen, living and bathroom design to allow a creative and realistic design of many modularity solutions of the products in the catalogues and in the list. Maximum space for Creativity turned to the reliability of any single project.
The graphical configurator offers to the customers a visual environment in real time during the planning, suggesting many and very interesting solutions in video and print devices.
Users can appreciate multiple graphic-visual solutions of single environments, from innovative Black and White sketch, to the pastel colors and the charcoal drawing and more realistic watercolour, without neglecting charming and captivating realistic rendering to explain with general visual of environment design.
MediaDesign is a simple software, which permit the users to draw 3D interior projects, without requiring any computer skill, but only a knowledge of environments furnishing, thanks to easy and intuitive functionalities that allow the user to move naturally into the software.
At the end, it's possible to have different solutions also in print from classic A4 to maximum format A0 (plotter).
With the graphic software for the Kitchen the user can customize various finishes available, combined to different changes on Kitchen design. With some easy actions, it’s possible to draw simple environments and compositions until more customized and elaborated (colors and materials).
Baths composition are represented like a pencil drawing. The graphical configurator admit the user to create solutions for Modern Baths drawing them with sketch and watercolour functions. The customer can imagine the bath in its essence with this little art works.
With Rendering function it’s possible to realize a well-defined and delineated project of the Modulnova Living area, a draw that’s very closed to the photograph of own living area, revealing the exact location of different elements of the living-room.