Modulnova Event | Italian Style enchanted Paris

In a 1700s Parisian Palace whose rooms hosted prominent personalities of the history as Napoleon and Arnault Poet, Friday 23th January a unique event took place, where you are able to appreciate a taste of Italian Culture of this days. Style and Design in Kitchens was the protagonists of the evening that brought prestige to Italy in French territory.
Modulnova, the event organizer, proposed a Contemporary Kitchen with a particular retractable solution and the innovative finishes and doors, whose thickness is reduced to minimum terms. The minimalist Philosophy of daily furnishing of Modulnova comes to life in a Modern Kitchen that lent itself well to the suggestive rooms of Hôtel de Galliffet, in the union between Historic World and Contemporary World.

The guests have also appreciated the Art Works of Italian chefs Matteo Torretta and Galileo Reposo, directly from "Asola | Cucina Sartoriale" restaurant in Milan.