Interni - Dario Presotto, Modulnova's President, photographed with Float

In the editorial of September, Interni Magazine, famous architecture and design periodic, dedicates a page to Dario Presotto, Modulnova's President, and Float, mock up of collection born from Andrea Bassanello Design.
The new interpretation of Modulnova Minimalism is shaped with the covering of entire structure with wood characterized of finishes with warm nuances. The linearity and design of Modern Kitchen is enriched with carefully studied details: the doors are obtained with approach of vertical slats 15 cm wide, joined with aluminum graphite profiles 3mm wide. So, the covering replaces the doors without continuity solution, making an unique volume.
The hanging take larger dimensions to increase the containment surface and improve spaces management; the aluminum graphite frame has a minimum thickness, a glass door and wood and aluminum interior with glass shelves.
The stone Piasentina plans (washing and cooking) have an innovative disposal: they seem to float on the kitchen bases. The name of this new collection of Modern Kitchens comes from here: Float.
The new concept has a pantry environment specially designed, that acts of operational space, but in particulary offers a better conservation of food with humidity and temperature automatically controlled.