Functionality and aesthetics
The large suspended sideboard in wood is the perfect synthesis of functionality and aesthetics.
The language of design comes through loud and clear, comprehensible to all and outstanding in its originality.
Modulnova living
Movement, rhythm and architectonic design thanks to the bookcase covered wall, also available with a coloured back panel, its tempo contrasting with the formality of the accessorised wall.
Tidy and organised
The new accessorised wall makes clever use of volumes, bringing harmony to the interior design while prioritising functionality.
Open units, pull-out baskets, lift-up doors, innovative colours, unusual combinations of different finishes, new materials, modular bookcases: all in the one living area.

The large shelf rests on the floor, framing the entire modular wall project as one. Style details that make the entire layout sophisticated.

The bookcase can be freely put together to fit the space and match the furnishings that surround it. It is available in 40 shades of lacquered finish, including one with a coloured back panel.
New colour moods

Two different shades highlight the surface of the storage unit, creating new colour moods. The lacquer finish can quite easily be combined with single wooden squares.