Blade 19
Wood and stone are the ultra-modern distinguishing feature of the Blade project: dark deep smoky oak for base units, side panels and worktops produced by folding system, and anthracite Savoy stone cleverly inlaid as a single block insert (also produced by folding system) on the worktop to incorporate a cooking hob and integrated sink. Functionality and design go hand in hand.
Blade 20
Linear kitchen units with doors (1cm thick) in brushed tornabuoni beige lacquered finish and worktop in brushed emperador brown stoneware.
Blade 21
Blade is the perfect system for new aesthetics in the kitchen: it provides floor to ceiling doors with no plinths or handles and a wide range of materials and finishes (lacquered, Fenix laminate, aluminium, glass, wood, resin, open pore lacquered, sheet metal effect) with which to create an environment that blends with the living room to give an extremely elegant harmonious ambience.
Blade 22
Blade integrates resin and stoneware in the same project: resin side and back panels are produced by folding system, whereas the worktop features harder wearing stoneware.
Blade 23
Base units (with 1cm thick doors), side panels and worktops in fokos rock stoneware, and model Sp29 tall units with concealed household appliances, in dark depth glossy lacquered finish with handle hewn out of the door and lacquered in the same colour.
Blade 24
The programmes by Modulnova are cleverly designed to be without defined limits so they can be used to personal taste and adapted to all needs: so a Blade island in Fenix (produced by folding system) with extending peninsula in smoky oak may have tall units with Float wine cabinet, also in smoky oak, coordinated with an Unlimited bookcase and a Blade bookcase: a complete environment at 360 so that nothing is missing.
Blade 25
Blade island with base units, side panels and worktop in brushed white glass, with additional Up snack counter (1cm thick and 60cm deep) in open pore lacquered black oak. Also available in other wood finishes, laminate, Fenix, resin or metal.
Float 26
With our new programmes and finishes the kitchen and living room are ever closer, seamlessly blending to create a highly customised environment that meets the needs of the family.
Float 27
The Float design system comprising 15cm wide wooden slats is not limited to the wine cabinet, but is a main feature of the kitchen, heart of the home around which the view must be at 360 without interruption: whether you walk round it, place it in the centre of the room or against a wall, Float presents itself attractively from all angles.
Float 28
The Float door (2.5cm thick) made of 15cm wide wooden slats in fokos rock open pore lacquered finish, and the carcase are of the same height and can be used with any of the stand-on worktops in our price list.
Fly 29
Fly with Corian worktop (3cm thick) and white brushed lacquered finish (also available in oak, open pore oak or resin). The doors feature one or two sides with 45 chamfered edges placed side by side with countershaped side panels and worktops that create a slimline monobloc.
Fly 30
Fly has always been an emblem of simple uncluttered lines: the base units can be used to create compositions with drawers and deep drawers with 45 union with the worktop and side panels so as to conceal the dimensions of the components and achieve the look of a monobloc.
Light 31
Corner kitchen units with brushed white lacquered doors (2cm thick) and side panels (1.2cm produced by fold system), white laminate worktop (1.2cm thick) with Fold snack counter 5.2cm thick, 50 - 60cm deep in carbon oak, also available in other wood finishes (raw walnut, raw oak, open pore lacquered raw oak).
MH6 32
Mh6 features extremely simple lines, but is also functional, adding value to the most classical of linear wall fitted kitchen units.
MH6 33
The Mh6 programme is not limited to linear or wall compositions, but is also able to create innovative designer ambiences.
MH6 34
Another variant of Mh6 is a corner kitchen arrangement with doors (2cm thick) and side panels in cendre melamine, 1.2cm thick cendre laminate worktop 1.2cm thick cantilever snack counter in Tivoli laminate (also available in different wood finishes, melamine, laminate, Fenix and resin for thicknesses 1.2 - 4 - 6 - 8cm).
Project 01
Modern living has inspired that is part of a constantly evolving project
Project 02
The Blade kitchen is a wonderful interpretation of Le Corbusier's concept that "Architecture is the learned game, correct an magnificent, of forms assembled in the light".
Project 03
The functional island unit is the ideal meeting point between the traditional kitchen and a modern living area. The black cement resin top is functional and also particularly innovative and stylish.
Project 04
Lifestyles & Kitchen styles: the Twenty collection has been specifically designed dor those sho want to emphasize a sophisticated environment with clever furnishing options.
Project 05
The kitchen environment consists of compact units with a textured resin cement finish. Attractive lines characterise and indeed enhance the style of the whole Twenty collection.
Project 06
Technology, stylish shapes, effective design: we continuosly strive to breajk away from typical trend. A Twenty kitchen is the kitchen par excellence, and a meeting space where to eat and spend time together.
Project 07
In perfect harmony with nature, the Twenty kitchen clad entirely in flamed Piasentina stone is the ideal solution for beach homes. Indeed, it is like a solid rock you can hold on to.
Project 08
Perfectly balanced geometrical shapes and optimized volumes are synonymous with plenty of storage space.
Project 09
New atmospheres are created by eye-catching combinations of materials: the rovere supernatural peninsula unit is matched with the top and tall units in polished frosted glass.
Project 10
The sophisticated brightness of white is enhanced by a "boiserie" with shelves in dark stained oak RD1, adding to the streamlined style of the entire furnishing combination.
Project 11
Meticulous details reveal our love for what we do. The Light furnishing project combines stylish design with advanced manufacturing technology.
Project 12
A point of light in our daily life. The Light furnishing collection combines all the most important characteristics we should be looking for: exceptional modularity, a wide range of finishes, functionally perfect and unrivalled space composition.
Project 13
The central focus is the large larder unit: this clever storage solution is particularly versatile and fills the room with its lively presence.
Project 14
Everything has its place and is perfectly organised: the wall is FInished with open niches that create a play of light and shadow, adding a harmonious touch to the environment. Last but not least, functionality is the keyword.
Project 15
Sleekness is the distinctive characteristic of the Moon collection: Moon kitchens are much more than simple interior solutions. Their apparently simple style is in fact extremely modern.
Project 16
The beauty of a stylish product lies in the ability to create environments that are not only functional but also lively and dynamic. Light and shadow are the key elements of this furnishing collection, and create sequences, rhythms and melodies with a complex combination of full and empty spaces.
Project 17
Change home and afford yourself the luxury of a trendy kitchen: the Twenty kitchen-in-a-wardrobe has a young dynamic style specifically made for people on the move.
Project 18
Never be content with what you already have. Keep looking for new furnishing ideas and create emotional atmospheres that speak a modern innovative language. The living space is changing, and is filling us with emotions.
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